Develop Your Leadership

Whether you are a project leader, project director, CEO, senior Manager or high potential you may need to strengthen your leadership skills.

The leader is the one who listens. He relies on his intuition, reflects and advances. He captures and imagines the future and builds it. He makes sure that the hikers will want to follow him to a destination that is unknown but that will secure the future.

If you want to discover your leadership qualities, put them into practice and strengthen them to drive changes around you, our programs are for you.

What can you start doing differently - and better?

  • Influence others?
  • Imagine and create the future? 
  • Get others want to follow you?
  • Know how to convince?
  • Bring in originality?
  • or simply deliver measurable results?

We offer leadership programs from 2-day seminars to 8-day trainings over a period of one year. We support you in the discovery of yourself and others. Your destination, in connection with your business goals, to liberate your leadership abilities.

We establish the itinerary of your co-constructed leadership Program with you, depending on your starting point, your development desires and the needs of the company. We bring playful and creative programs whose impact releases new behaviors within the company. Participants gain flexibility and concentration and are more connected to themselves and others.

"Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall." Stephan R. Covey (1932-2012) – American author and lecturer

  • You want to draw the path and want others to follow you.
  • You want to share the directions and show the way.
  • You want to communicate with assertiveness (authentic, humble, and effective).


"This leadership program inspired me. It helped me simplify the new organization I set up. I continue to develop the people I work with. I have learned how important creativity is because we need more innovation in the group. The new organization requires other ways of working; More brainstorming and experimentation.  J. L. N.  VP - Aerospace


A leadership program for the 500 "TOP executives" of a multinational industry group accompanies an in-depth organizational change. This 18-month program includes a collective action-learning accompaniment, followed by individual accompaniments to anchor learning. The leaders were of different nationalities, had various positions, responsible for 5 to 15 000 employees. Half of them changed positions, teams and even countries during the program.

Word from the Coach

Leaders know where to go, but sometimes have trouble saying it in a way that will be heard by others. Anticipating, imagining, and daring are the qualities of a leader, as well as bringing originality and dealing with uncertainty.
We reinforce the skills of those who have a leadership role, to be able to us them with joy and pleasure!

How to Develop Leaders?

The Leader

A leader is the person that leads the group to achieve a common goal.
In the past it was enough to have "someone exceptional" to get a whole system to evolve.
Today, leadership has become more collaborative. Organizations understand that leadership is needed at all levels in the activity and thus the demand for leadership is growing.
He is authentic, open, honest, transparent, knows how to build relationships and trust. He's courageous and able to decide.
He takes care of himself to have a good balance.

The new role of the leader

  • Ensures the development of others so that they can express their potential. He will treat each person allowing him to become what he could be.
  • Focuses on the subject while working on the relationship.
  • Unites people around a project, brings a common mission and creates value.
  • Thinks strategically, knows how to collaborate and deal with ambiguous situations.
  • Responds quickly to problems and opportunities, and leads change.
  • Inspires others.
  • Creates an environment that allows mutual understanding and engages.
  • Adapts to others.

Our Added value

Our role is to bring the pedagogical engineering of the programs by integrating the achievements and the stakes of the company.
We mobilize the emotional intelligence and know-how of the participants. They are put to the test in the context of playful situations, paving the way for new practices that give access to their hidden resources.
Our programs combine action and reflection; Participants discover collectively and learn individually.
Becoming a leader requires  work on oneself to identify one's skills, qualities and areas of improvement, which is facilitated by games, simulations and personality or behavioral tests.
We provide the proper conditions for them to think and take a step back concerning their practice, with questions such as:
"How do you manage others effectively?"
"How do you manage the team? How do you manage the organization?"

Co-Construction of the program

We propose to work in collaboration with your HR teams to strengthen the coherence of the program:

  • As a first step we clarify with you the objectives of the Leadership program and the role of each person in the process.
  • In a second step we can help you formulate the expected skills of the leaders that will be shared and implemented within your organization.
  • Third, we will build the program according to your needs.
  • Finally the program will be deployed.
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