The Team and Partners

Our team has intercultural experience and can perform in several languages. We believe that our success comes partly from our ability to open up to multiple perceptions, which allows us to bring you innovation, creativity, and the desire to have fun through our development solutions that enhance doing things differently.



Founder of VAIL, Coach and Facilitator

Renée Lespinard, founder of VAILRenee is American and French. She works both in English and French.


She has extensive experience working with C-level business executives, leaders, teams, managers and high potentials. Her expertise areas include executive coaching, team coaching, group facilitation, leadership, management, communication, emotional intelligence and intercultural management.

Renee is a Certified Professional Coach PCC-ICF, DISC and uses many other psychometric tools including the 360°.

She has lived and worked in the United States and France as well as having long stays in Asia. Before coaching she was a manager (product strategy) in fashion for 15 years working for different groups in NYC and Asia (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Korea), then based in France working with teams in Europe, USA and Asia.

She is based in Paris and works with people situated throughout the world.


Leadership expert, Coach, Facilitator

Howard O'DONNELLHoward is English and works in English and French.


...eager to strengthen their group dynamics and improve their performance.

His professional experience is with major French and international groups (Europe, Asia and the United States), this allows him to transmit effective know-how and way of being to get topics to move ahead with more ease.

He is PCC certified by ICF.

Isabelle ALPI

Coach, Facilitator and Trainer

Isabelle ALPI

Isabelle is Belgian and intervenes in French, English and Italian


...agile organizations (including holocracie), and mentoring. Isabelle has 10 years of experience in public, private, national and international organizations.

She is an engineer, a master in psychology and a certified coach by EMCC.

Jean-François MARTIN

Coach, Trainer, and Facilitator

Jean-François is French and works in French, English, German and Vietnamese.


He is  known for his ability to inspire, facilitate and boost energy levels, whether in small groups of about ten people, or in large strategic seminars of up to 600 people.

He is a coach, trained by International Mozaic.


Coach, Facilitator, Trainer

Judith is French and works in French and English.


Well-known expert in coaching gifted high achievers as well as their teams.

She guides her clients both individuals and groups towards their objective, by enabling them to use all of their resources in a conscious way.

Her support is dynamic, agile and powerful.

She is PCC certified by ICF.

In order to build programs perfectly adapted to our clients' needs, we have built partnerships with other companies :  Connexion TIP and Moovone.

Our Approch

"A fixed method is not a method"-Chinese proverb

In individual, collective, or team programs, we use various approaches and tools from psychology to communication, management and leadership.

Collaborative approach

It is a creative process that aims to broaden the framework of certainty and explore other possibilities.

The idea is to learn how to behave differently in order to get another answer.

The coach is the expert in this process. Listening, empathy, rephrasing, constructive feedback, strategic questioning allow us to explore the options together and allow the coachee to make new choices towards the desired change.

The coachee discovers and learns to use his own resources previously hidden or untapped.


Metaphoric approach

Metaphors have an important place in coaching because they offer another way to talk about an experience, to tell a story and thus allow the narrator a glimpse of his unconscious desires.

This allows the person to describe his vision of the world, and in doing so unplug his left brain (logic) to stimulate his right brain (intuitive and creative).

Becoming aware of how "he sees the world" the coachee discovers that he might be missing some information. He understands that his perception may be different from the others’.

This fundamental work paves the way for the desired transformation.



Systemic approach

A system is a set of elements in dynamic interaction, organized according to a purpose which evolve over time.

The systemic approach is a holistic and strategic approach that believs that the way the cochee interacts with his coach is "a reflection" of how he acts with others in the organization. The coach needs to be and to work in resonance with the reality of his coachee.

The systemic approach focuses on the "how" and enables the Coachee to focus on the desired goal and possible changes in his relationships with others.

The vision of the desired future that emerges allows to behave differently.

Coaching Tools

Theoretical tools

We work on many aspects and facets of personality, knowledge, know-how and way of being:

  • Perceptions, thinking, behaviors, values, interests…
  • Knowledge of topics such as leadership, management and communication,
  • Emotional intelligence, collective intelligence, neuro-linguistic programming, transactional analysis, cultural differences…

Psychometric Tools

When it is appropriate we use personality or behaviors tests such as:

  • MBTI
  • 360 °
  • Disc and Driving Forces

Code of Ethics

We adhere to the Code of Ethics of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

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