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Renée Lespinard

I created VAIL in 2001, to support executives, leaders and managers in their professional development.

My experiences and my biculturality (American and French) have enabled me to succeed for more than 20 years in missions in international and intercultural settings.

My vision is that of a professional world made of authentic and productive relationships that value originality and creativity.

My vocation is to help you create pleasant and strong relationships to collectively drive sustainable projects.

An individual coaching program leads you to improve your relationship with others.
Our collective paths strengthen the cohesion and the relationship within the organization.

Our partners are Certified Professional Coaches (PCC) from ICF or an equivalent institution.

Renee Lespinard

Our belief

You have unlimited potential for development.
What you need most is already within you.

Our philosophy

Enables you to know yourself better and others to build solid relationships.
Change yourself to incite others.

Our mission

To identify, unleash, amplify your potential.
Create conditions to facilitate your change.

What is "Coaching" about?

FindYourWayCoaching is a personalized process, developed with you or the leader of the team to take you, your team or the group from where you are to where you desire to be.

The coach works from your difficulties to help you develop the insights needed to deliver the changes your seek, whether it’s pulling through an organizational change, enhancing collaborative capacities, building high performance teams, or other areas of focus.

Each program is tailor-made from the situation and objectives to be achieved. From the start, we set your targets together with indicators to measure your progress. Results will quickly become observable by you, your team, group and the various stakeholders.

We work with people all over the world, either face-to-face, remotely over conference-or-video calls , by Skype, Zoom, etc.

Recommended reading on the Return on Investment of coaching: Study by PWC (2012)

Who needs coaching?

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Some of our clients...

What they say

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"I pay more attention to others, to create and improve our relationships. I developed my ability to get people to want to follow me.

I learned to show my emotions and I have more patience."

A.G. Finance Director - Telecoms

"Her behavior has changed. She is calmer and has even more strength.

Her more "executive", and strategic posture and leadership give confidence and inspire teams."

her CEO Telecoms

"I have a greater ability to focus in on the essential. My communication is clearer and I save time and energy.

My colleagues say I'm more serene, calm and composed. Yet, this is one of the most difficult times of my life!"

C.T. HR Manager - Air and Space Industry

"We have carried out several particularly interesting exercises on culture in perfect harmony with the cultural change of the company.

This allowed me to better understand the strategy of our new management."

L.R. Production Director – Publishing
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